Facing the challenges of development in Indonesia, that rapidly growing, we as professionals in the field of Buildings and Factories agreed to participate in the development area in Indonesia. After having experienced and qualified in the construction service sector for more than 25 years, various buildings we have built include Office Building, Malls Buildings, School Buildings, Worship Houses, Club Houses, and Factories along with supporting buildings and road facilities, Station LPG refueling in various cities in Indonesia. We believe that with professional hard work and blessings from God Almighty, we can grow to be a trusted company in the community.


  • Build with High Quality and well timed

  • Building with appropriate efficiency and quality

  • Building with maintaining the natural environment safety and social responsibility

  • Build with continuous innovation by adapting new technologies to achieve better results

  • Build the spirit of Indonesian society to create a community that prosperous


Become a leading building contractor company with the best reputation and oriented by the customer satisfaction